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Trust has been one of the major factors in the Google search engine algorithm for a long time. It refers mostly to the history and reputation that your website has with the search engine. There are many factors that influence the trust algorithm - such things as reliable server hosting, domain registration period, as well as social presence. Having a higher level of trust on your website is an excellent way to get a boost in your organic placement to beat out your competition.

The factors that are rated in the trust algorithm are in a near constant state of change. Because the algorithms are integrated with popular social networks they must be updated to keep up with the changes that occur within the social networks. Google's own Google+ is one of the most looked at social media platforms in regards to website trust and reputation. It is integrated with Google search, and when it is used properly will give you a good boost in trust ranking. The best way to utilize Google+ for trust ranking is to have it linked to a badge on your homepage, and open the Google+ page to public viewing, and post regularly with industry related promotional posts that link back to your website. Although Google+ is the most relevant social media for trust, do not forget about other platforms such as Twitter. Twitter can help boost your trust with its posts. If you use proper industry related hash tags and link back to your website in your tweets, this will give you an extra bump in your trust ranking as well.

The reputation of your site is not only determined by your social media presence, but also by the authorship of your website. The site authorship for your webpage should include your full name, credentials and education, as well as references to any offsite or onsite postings that are industry relevant. Include with your education and credentials any degrees or diplomas that you have, but also could include positions and/ or jobs that you have had that are relevant to your industry. These can all be things that factor into your trust with Google. Include any work related blogs or social media pages that are tied in with your business, just include the links in the authorship of the page, and it will also help in your trust factor with the search engine algorithms. Remember that the trust factor is built on many small details of your website, and you have to play into all of them to get the full boost in your organic search placement.

One of the newer additions to the trust algorithm is the use of an avatar that appears with your webpage. Google uses the picture from your Google+ page beside your website's listing in their search ranks as a sign of high trust in a site. In order to accomplish this with your site, you must have your Google+ page synced to your site with a badge, and have your Google+ profile photo as a highres head shot. When you have this avatar beside your page listing in Google, it not only helps with your trust ranking in the algorithm, but will also help with building trust of possible clients who are looking through the ranking for which company to choose. Overall, ensure a high level of trust with both the search engines, and with clientele and it will provide you with more traffic for your website and more business for you.