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There is a saying in the search engine optimization industry "Content Is King". When it comes to search engine marketing this saying is as true today, as it was ten years ago. But the bar has shifted. Google Panda algorithm updates over the last year have crucified sites that used the lazy way out by streaming in content feeds from service providers (selling the same content to hundreds of others), scrapping content from other peoples sites and duplicating content from their other on site pages.

Most good SEO companies recognized some time ago that copied or scrapped content, gibberish or overstuffed use of keywords was a bad thing to do. In fact most good search engine optimization companies have never employed the practice of duplicating, buying or stealing other site content, as they realized intuitively that website viewers are looking for high quality original content, that is well written and useful in the users quest for knowledge.

Human nature is such that many people are lazy and spend as much time looking for shortcuts and the easy way out to get things done as they would if they took the time to do some research and put their hearts into writing fresh natural content with a proper amount of keyword density. The bottom line is if the text reads funny, it is probably over stuffed with keywords. SEO's that still employ content feeds (and there are thousands of them) and scrapped content from other sites are finally getting their just deserts with Google heavily punishing these sites.

It is estimated that more than 20% of formerly top placing sites have tanked due to scrapped, on site duplicate content or offsite duplicate feed content. It was always a bad thing to do, but now it is simply bizarre that some folks still refuse to write good quality original content. Not all search engine marketing companies are good at writing original content and most site owners can't get the keyword density correct ... so lately there has been an emergence of self employed SEO content writer contract specialists. In any case it is important that the firm you choose to help your business to place your web site organically have good available web based content writing skills. This usually means they are excellent at doing research and repackaging ideas and content provided by site owners who typically know more about their products and services than a the site content writer would. In many ways it is self correcting because chances are if a search engine placement company is copying content they won't have many high placing sites and they probably can't place their own site well. So it's fairly easy to weed them out.
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