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When you break down the algorithms used by the major search engines you find that there are some factors which heavily outweigh others. One of the largest factors in most algorithms is backlinks. Backlinks are one way votes for your site that come from offsite links that match your site theme. Some of the most effective backlinks come from anchor text links. Any of these that point back to your site will aid your organic placement as votes to your site. It is important to note though, that these backlinks should not be reciprocated or exchanged. If you have a link that points back to one of these offsite locations, then the backlink votes are effectively cancelled.

Because of the weight that backlinks hold within the algorithms, there are many guide lines that are put in place to make sure that websites are not spamming for backlinks. Google has made their algorithm to identify the origin of backlinks, and when it comes to directory submissions to also pay attention to how many backlinks are being added, and how fast they are added as well. If too many backlinks are added in too short of a time, the algorithm will recognize this as "Link Farming" and the backlinks will be discounted and actually harm the site's placement. Backlinks have to be added carefully unless they are coming from viral sources like news or social. A good SEO company should be able to provide you with a well-orchestrated backlinks program, which should help to increase your sites ranking, without the risk of site punishment by using a combination of niche directory, news and social backlink votes.

The origin of the backlinks is important as well with regards to how they affect the algorithm. Backlinks that originate from news or social media have a higher trust and absorption rate within the algorithm. Directory listing backlinks are also useful but they must have unique anchor text for each listing and a site theme match. Having a newsfeed article with one way anchor text links is usually most efficient way to gather backlinks. Newsfeed programs can go viral, and therefore can gather hundreds of trusted backlinks at a time, without setting off any red flags in the algorithm. All of the backlinks that are gathered through the newsfeed are also one way anchor text based links.

So when you are looking for a company to boost your backlinks, look for one that knows where the limits for backlinks are in the algorithms. Try to find a company that offers both newsfeed and social media programs. Backlinks are a crucial part of organic website placement, and you need to utilize them properly to keep your site placing high.