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  • Toronto search engine optimization companies
  • How to select Toronto region search engine marketing firms
  • Criteria that every good SEO company should have
  • Learn the importance of quality original content and backlink votes
  • See how social marketing fits into the picture
  • Trust and authorship roles in your websites placement
It is generally accepted that all new and existing businesses need a website to successfully market their products and services given that these days potential purchasers want instant access to information. Statistically in our current environment about 80% of product purchase research happens on the web. In terms of website traffic, again about 80% of traffic comes from keyword search and 20% from people who know your brand or have your web address syntax off of other print collateral advertising material. Obviously if you have a very strong brand like say www.nike.com then statistically keyword search stats go down and recognition of syntax and direct site access goes up. However, most of us do not have true brand recognition and multi million dollar advertising budgets ... so we depend highly on organic search results to get found online. It is clear to see that a business these days doesn't go to far without an internet based website presence.

There are two ways a site can get found by keyword searching. The first is with paid advertising like Google Ad Words. These are the ad impressions you see at the top of most keyword searches and sometimes down the right hand side of the page. These are paid ads and statically 25% of viewers recognize them as such and skip over them to the organic listings. Now paid ad (Keyword Bidding or Pay Per Click) programs like Ad Words are a great way to get exposure and buy your way to the top of the search engine listings, but it can get expensive over time. Most businesses do not depend solely on paid ad impressions. The organic listings just below the paid ads are important for most business and the art and science of search engine optimization is the process of building and structuring web sites so that they show up organically, as close to the top as possible. Some studies have shown that traffic can drop off as much as 25% per page on a keyword search so if your site is five pages back on a keyword search, chances are not many people are seeing it.

There are thousands of companies that have recently leapt into the search engine marketing arena. Some are good but most do not deliver exceptional results. One of the biggest issues is the shear number of organizations that are offshore to North America that offer very low cost SEO programs but deliver little in return. It is very common that many of the companies in India, Pakistan, China etc. are actually offering black hat services that are boiler plate and out of date to the constantly changing search engine algorithms. These companies generally hurt your search engine rankings rather than help them. In the cut throat business of online marketing you generally get what you pay for.

We hope that this site will be useful to you in helping you to select a company that can help you with your search engine optimization. As always there is a cost benefit analysis to choosing the company that has the expertise, bedside manner and track record - measured against cost of services. Read on and learn more about methods and criteria that will help to make sure you get the right fit in search engine marketing for your business.
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